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Ndebele state bad idea

I READ with disappointment the calls for an Ndebele state by Gibson Sibanda of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

While to the Ndebele people it might seem

a good idea, I personally think it will do the nation more harm than justice and it’s wise if Sibanda could in fact work on bridging the gap in tribalism that seems to be expanding by the day.

I know the people of Matabeleland have suffered so much at the hands of Zanu PF, but is forming an Ndebele state the solution to the problem?

The people of that region have tried to remove the present government through the ballot box without any success because their friends in other regions have failed to complement their efforts and it has become greatly frustrating to them and thus the calls for their own state where they will make their own rules.

I strongly feel with the way President Robert Mugabe hates the Ndebele people, he would not mind that but by the same token he might go against the idea to save himself from condemnation by other nations.

The creation of an Ndebele state might worsen Mugabe’s fears of facing possible trial for the killing of more than 20 000 innocent souls in Matabeleland because an Ndebele state would not be bound by the Zimbabwean constitution. Therefore, after all is said and done, the calls might just end as calls.

Just a few years ago, Imbovane Pressure Group made almost a similar call in which they said they would petition the International Court of Justice to divide Zimbabwe and allow the Ndebele-speaking people to have their own state.

I think instead of focusing on dividing the country, we should all have one objective and that is to remove the present government. Also the Shona-speaking people should accept that the Ndebele-speaking people are part of their nation and the same applies to the Ndebele.

Mike du Toit,


* Sibanda has since denied having said this. – Editor.

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