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Muckraker nemesis’ faux pas

I’M a fan of Muckraker. It’s the column for which I delay my gratification most when the Zimbabwe Independent appears on-line on Friday.

As an outsider looking in, the tussle between state-owned and independen

t media is engrossing. Probably sounds trite, given the “challenges” you face daily, but that’s my reality.

I read the Herald regularly, then the independents on the weekends — a fascinating study on government spin-doctoring.

What really drove me to write was a comment in last week’s Saturday Herald by a columnist who appears to be jousting with Muckraker about the stance taken by the “independents” as he called them.

To me, that is a huge faux pas, admitting that there exists two truths in Zimbabwe — the state’s and the independents’.

I would have thought that a media independent of government propaganda is vital in a democracy — yet this columnist appears contemptuous of the idea?

Peter Lindsay,

New Zealand.

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