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Kingdom must clean up its service

THIS is a plea to the powers-that-be at Kingdom Financial Holdings Limited (KFHL).

The service we have been receiving from Kingdom Bank has been nothing short of

shocking. For the past two months we have been extremely patient with the bank.

Clients are subjected to long queues. We are made to understand that this is due to the Greatermans and Kenneth Kaunda branches having being closed down – but to us the clients, this should not be an excuse. I have been in queues when two ladies fainted due to the long waiting.

Clients are also subjected to very poor service from the tellers. Not even a smile to greet you, bad attitudes and, depending on the day, rough talk from the tellers!

We have had enough. We would like to see some changes in the banking halls. I understand some clients are heading back to the traditional banks as the service they receive there is much better.

Please, may Kingdom seriously and urgently clean up the service it is offering to its customers.

P Ncube,


WE would like to thank our client, P Ncube, for this feedback. We sincerely regret the unpleasant experiences in the banking hall queue and can only apologise for the inconvenience suffered by him as well as other clients whose ordeal is also described.

Because it is pertinent to the query, allow me to introduce our latest service and delivery channel, eBanKing, which is successfully removing the need to visit the branch by enabling clients to transact anywhere, at any time.

eBanKing is a mobile phone or Internet-based banking and payment solution which enables clients to view account balances and do transactions, among other things.

As an alternative delivery channel, ATMs are available for withdrawals of up to $2 million, as well as “cash back” from any TM supermarkets and other retailers on Zimswitch.

The support of all our clients has enabled us to achieve the 10-year milestone. We are confident that our offering will continue to improve in the coming decade.

Farai Mpofu,

Marketing & PR director,


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