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Andy Pycroft lost it

I WOULD like to express my concern over the story “Zim A coach not worried about results”, (Zimbabwe Independent, June 23).

The remarks, attributed to Andy Pycroft, coach of the “second” string Zimba

bwe cricket side, are not only alarming but also shocking, considering his background in the sport.

I’m of the view that they were meant to embarass and humiliate the Bangladesh Cricket Board that has been pestering Zimbabwe for matches yet the country is at its weakest ever.

Such an attitude only confirms that Zimbabwe’s continued participation in international cricket, especially at Test level, is a farce as it is pointless to take on an opposition that doesn’t mind losing the contest.

Unless Zimbabwe cricket rids itself of the current administrators led by Peter Chingoka, who are ironically virtually clueless about the sport, but were only lured to it by its deep pockets, it is most certainly headed for oblivion!

Kakembo Philip,

Kampala, Uganda.

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