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Price changed . . . on way to the till

JUST thought I should share a crazy scene with you and anyone else bothered to read this.

On October 28, my wife and I went to Five Avenue Spar (Athienitis) to bu

y a couple of things on our way home. Among the few things were a few slices of honey-glazed ham.

The ham was priced at $500 000/kg and the slices we got were worth $220 000. At the till, I noticed the total for all the goods was more than I had anticipated. On double-checking I saw that the ham was now worth $308 000.

I asked the till operator how this could be, when the price on the pack was clearly marked $220 000. She then said: “The price probably went up while you were walking to the till.”

I know things are far from good in Zimbabwe, but that was the most absurd excuse I have ever heard for daylight robbery. She called a supervisor who at first started by basically saying there was nothing he could do. Pressed further he said it was such a process to change the price that we were going to be there for a long time.

He then tried to take off with the ham – I suspect to re-pack it – to which I refused. He was suggesting he needed the whole pack to change the price and I was maintaining he only needed the price tag. Seeing I was not budging he then took the tag, and hey presto he was back in all of four minutes.

Like I said, things are far from good in Zimbabwe, but is it possible for a price to change during the couple of minutes it takes to walk from the deli to the till or these shops are just putting different prices on the shelf to those they are charging at the till? If you do not double-check each and every item you will get ripped off!

Peter Chiware,


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