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Politicians should retire at 70

ZIMBABWE had the ability to become an example to the rest of the world of what a well-managed economy can do for its citizens. But due to ill advice, the government has gone against everything that makes sense or creates stability and pro

sperity for the citizens. Instead it has pursued power.

It is Zimbabweans of all walks of life who have lost out, while the powers-that-be are benefiting from the chaos this country is facing. It’s not because of their love of the country that they went to war, and it’s not time to be talking about the past.

Instead, we should be looking at putting this country back to normalcy. In doing so, the retirement age of politicians should be 70 years.

If the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) believes that everyone who has contributed to it should only get a one-off payment, a move should be taken to correct this ill-thought-out plan. The government does not contribute a cent to NSSA, but it is the largest beneficiary from that fund.

The white farmers were told one family one farm, but this seems not to be so with this government when it comes to them. The rule of law has to be upheld by everybody, regardless of title or colour or political standing.

Twenty-five years of poor policies, mismanagement, corruption and stubbornness have eroded the previous gains or standards Zimbabwe had achieved. Everything has been thrown down the drain.

Robert Mugabe Way, Robert Mugabe Road and Mugabe Highway seem to head nowhere, except to bankruptcy and self-indulgence.

To correct things in this country and stop the rot, new visionaries and new brooms are needed to replace the old guard who only remain in office to maintain their status.

To apologise to those twice bitten is not easy, but it’s a starting point. To reassure investors of protection of their money and property is the second point.

Then we have to restore the rule of law and secure and maintain the value of Zimbabwe’s currency by improving exports. Governments never create employment because it’s for those with money, private investors, not using public funds.

Zanu PF told Zimbabwe ages ago that decisions are made at politburo level and not in parliament. Now we have seen the results of those policies: it’s the party that has become rich, and the country poorer. That’s not the way to run a country.

Many of those that are in the politburo are again the chief executives running all the major businesses in the important industries using public funds. It’s no wonder all other businesses are folding except theirs. What’s the key of their success? It’s not because they are wise or experts, but just look at the history of their contribution to the country.

Praying Parent,


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