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Nothing lasts forever

THERE is this saying that diamonds are forever but I believe that nothing lasts forever. Zanu PF people who anointed themselves as our saviours must know that when the time for judgement comes they will surely pay dearly, whether in this

life or the next.

There shall come a time when they must account for their actions, and by God, the price will be more than they can pay.

Jonathan Moyo should not take all Zimbabweans as fools because we know that had he not been booted out of the party he would have been repressing the same press he is now trying to use to say silly things. A simple glance at his CV which he wrote at the beginning of the year will reveal that he is a “dedicated party cadre”.

All the judges, “reverends”, army chiefs, police and Central Intelligence Organisation agents who have propped up this regime will also not be spared, because they have knowingly aligned themselves with the devil.

A person reading this will probably think that nothing can be achieved but I am reminding all Zimbaweans that nothing lasts for eternity and they should take comfort in that.

Robert Mugabe has trodden on us for too long and we have been patient but looking at the situation in the country, this is the beginning of the end. Our heroes did not fight for this mess that has been brought about by an old man trying to hang on to power.

For those who want to know what will happen next, try grabbing a copy of George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

Just Watch,


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