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Noczim: not only did it create Zim’s fuel crisis

THE National Oil Company of Zimbabwe (Noczim) advertisement of October 6 takes some beating for absurdity.

Noczim claims that “not only do we fuel the nation, but

we also supply it with oils”. If we were in a situation of consistent and adequate supplies of fuel this would be a fair comment to make and a fair commercial rationale to use for diversification.

However, Noczim is one of the very reasons why we are in a crisis – a corrupt, mismanaged and completely unnecessary organisation failing over a period of close to six years now to fulfil its statutory obligation to supply fuel to the country.

How dare it have the cheek to now promise supplies of lubricants when organisations already involved in that trade are finding it impossible to source forex to supply the market as usual.

How about this as Noczim’s pay-off line: “As we are unable through incompetence and irregularities to supply fuel, we have now thought about diverting into other areas of misdeed”?

Incidentally, can anyone recall if the court case against former Noczim executive James Makaya ever happened? And if not, why not?

Also, with regard to recent articles in the press, was it not enlightening and to an extent amusing to see Ibbo Mandaza wailing and gnashing his teeth over lack of legal niceties in the takeover of his newspaper empire?

This cannot surely be the same Mandaza who said commercial farmers deserved what they got when they ran foul of the authorities’ plans for their properties and businesses. Also, did Mandaza pay a full and adequate level of compensation to owners of any farms he may have become involved with?

Perhaps I am wrong in thinking this is indeed the same Dr Ibbo Mandaza.



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