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Ncube like a hurricane

LIKE a hurricane in the Amazon, so is Welshman Ncube causing havoc in the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) at the expense of people who have come so long a way in the struggle against the Mugabe regime.

face=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>One may never cease to wonder as to why Ncube, who is a professor in law, would stoop so low as to fail to realise that our nation needs the highest degree of unity and peace.

I am writing this letter from the University of Zimbabwe and I should hastily submit that Ncube has contaminated our beloved college. We now have students old enough to be our fathers trying to steer up a struggle in favour of Ncube, when what they want are a few coins from the MDC. This is not the struggle. Chitima hachimiri nekuti imbwa yahukura (A train will never stop because of a barking dog).

We shall not cease fighting the regime because Ncube and “Jobless” Sikhala have moved out of MDC and are trying to join the United People’s Movement.

We shall never cease because Priscilla Misihairabwi, David Coltart and Trudy Stevenson have abandoned the struggle to satisfy their greedy, selfish if not horrible and petrifying needs.

Be careful Ncube lest the wrath of the people visits you.



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