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Execute black marketeers

IN the early 70s, military rulers in west Africa organised public executions for corrupt people and greedy black marketeers.

erif”>It was rumoured that by the end of this week the US dollar on the so-called parallel market would be trading somewhere in the region of $100 000.

I am sorry, I am going to have to say this, but basically Zimbabweans are just plain greedy blood-sucking leeches, no different from night-flying vampires and feeding-frenzy piranhas and a shoal of sharks.

For heaven’s sake, we can no longer blame the government for our being gluttonous. How do we justify one single person having in his bedroom a stash of one million kilogrammes of, say, sugar and/or maize meal?

We can no longer blame unemployment when people drain fuel from their vehicles to sell on the black market. These corrupt black marketeers must understand we all want to survive, and here I want to appeal to His Excellency to devise a fool-proof method in distributing the fuel – because the fuel vultures are already circling on the consumer carcass.

A certain university professor claims that Zimbabweans are patriotic. He must have a different definition of being a patriot to mine.

I am looking forward to the day of our own public executions for economic crimes and saboteurs.

Leslie Vollenhoven,


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