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Chikomba’s curse

WHILE in Zanu PF circles Chikomba constituency is touted as the hub of the party’s politics, there is one thing that remains a mystery to many, especially in the wake of incumbent MP Tichaona Jokonya’s death.


l From 1980 Chikomba has had six other Zanu PF MPs — Ernest Kadungure, Tedius Kudzedzereka, Solomon Mujuru, Chenjerai Hunzvi and Bernard Makokove;

l Out of the six, only Kudzedzereka was resident in Chikomba while the rest were “visiting MPs” only seen at election times;

l Three of them — Kadungure, Hunzvi and Jokonya died in office; and

l Mujuru and Makokove were rejected by the people.

Today, the district still resembles the tribal trust lands established by Ian Smith; backward, neglected and underdeveloped.

Frank Matandirotya,


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