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Zim soccer players kidnapped by Blair’

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF, you disappoint me.

Caps United footballers Artwell Mabhiza, Silent Katumba, David Sengu, Raymond Undi, Elton Chimedza and Tic

haona Nyenda and the Highlanders duo of reserve goalkeeper Luckson Mutanga and defender Dalisizwe Dhlamini have been identified as the players who have vanished after a tour of the United Kingdom last week.

When the news broke about the Zimbabwe players going missing over here, I fully expected the headlines to scream “Zimbabwe players kidnapped by Blair”.

At the time of writing no such headline had appeared. Oh how disappointing! You are sleeping. What an opportunity missed!

Is anyone over there actually surprised that some of the players went missing? What’s more of a surprise is that any of the players actually returned to Zimbabwe.

What are they returning to? Inflation, unemployment, fuel shortages and a life expectancy in the middle to late 30s?

The old adage “there’s no place like home” no longer applies in Zimbabwe.

Imagine you are visiting a country that has an abundance of food, fuel, in fact all that is required for a comfortable life. Would you return to Zimbabwe?

One of the tirades directed at Tony Bair and his government is the racist aspect of his statements about Zimbabwe and Africa in general. I’m sorry, we here in the UK pride ourselves on our multiracial, multiethnic and multicultural society. Which in my view is exactly the opposite of what Mugabe is trying to achieve in Zimbabwe.

So if in the future you are lucky enough to get a UK football team to come over to play an exhibition match in Zimbabwe, be sure none of the visiting players abscond.

My thoughts are with you all. Keep smiling.



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