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Shumba doesn’t deserve coverage

I HAVE seen that many times Zanu PF “rejects” seek independent media attention after they are ditched by the party.

Daniel Shumba, the UPP president, should not be allowed any media coverage by independent papers.

justify>Why can’t he approach the Herald to make known his stupid move. I’m sure only foolish people will vote for this creature which sadly has the guts to say: “I was once a part of Zanu PF and tried to sort out things from within. I know how they rig elections and I know how we can achieve our goal.”

Maybe he should be tortured by CIOs himself for speaking bad about the president’s party. He’s a confused sell-out who helped Zanu PF rig elections but now wants to give the world the impression that he’s clean.

Why didn’t he tell us about how Zanu PF rigs elections before he was fired?

What things was he trying to sort out apart from masterminding the rigging of elections and other ills that have destroyed Zimbabwe?

He will not fool me by pretending to be perfect himself. He was part of this crooked and evil regime and rigging scheme.

I would rather vote for a cockroach than vote for a conman like Shumba.

He just didn’t want Joice Mujuru to become vice-president, hence his attendance at the Tsholotsho meeting.

If Shumba had attended that meeting to scheme ways of getting Mugabe out of power then I would have respect for him and take him seriously.

What goal does Shumba want to achieve? What madness does he want to stop? He had better fool someone else. Anything with traces of Zanu PF is dirty and evil to me.

It’s high time independent papers refused to be abused by such kind of selfish ex-Zanu PF members who treated us like door mats at the time they licked Mugabe’s boots. Let them have their stories published by Nathaniel Manheru.

As an independent paper, the Zimbabwe Independent should not allow these Zanu PF “convicts” to grace its pages unless they are convicted of rape, theft and other kind of

Black out Shumba and all the creatures of the same calibre. That will make you a truly independent paper. Allowing them coverage is as good as allowing evil to prevail.

They have nothing constructive to offer to Zimbabwean society. They destroyed our country, stole our riches and raped us. They should be forgotten once and for all.

No Zanu PF convict for president.

Viomak Mugabechienda,


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