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Mugabe’s absurdity

IT’S absurd when we have a whole president claiming that we Zimbabweans are “very, very happy” when most of us are struggling to make ends meet.

It’s strange Pres

ident Robert Mugabe even has the audacity to say our problem is not that we are hungry, but that we are “not potato eaters” and that we don’t like rice. Really, Baba Chatunga?

We fear Mugabe’s lust for power has now blinded him that he can’t even see how “his” people are suffering. We are hungry, angry, sick, desperate and poor but our president is so out of touch with reality we wonder why he is still in power.

We don’t care that the old man feels like a God-ordained king and treats himself royally, but it becomes obscene when he lies in front of the whole world that we Zimbabweans are “very, very happy”.

Experts warn that half of Zimbabwe’s 11 million people could face starvation, but we can tell you a lot more – even those considered capable of feeding themselves – are already reeling courtesy of Mugabe’s apparent recklessness.

We haven’t forgotten the dear leader shooed away food aid donors because he believed his sycophantic Agriculture minister’s predictions that Zimbabwe would enjoy a bumper harvest. Bumper harvest? From air? From untilled soil?

If his statements are not the epitome of arrogance, then it can’t be anything better than meanness. I’m afraid here is a man who doesn’t care a hoot about the people he wants the whole world to believe have entrenched him as Zimbabwe’s eternal ruler.

We won’t even be tempted to believe the president’s claim that he will “rest” until he has done it, for his delusional statements cannot be trusted by anyone – even by those who would want him to rule forever as long as they feed off the spoils of their bootlicking antics.

We will keep our ears to the ground following pronouncements that the ruining Zanu PF government is mulling doctoring the already heavily sutured constitution in order to synchronise presidential and parliamentary elections. It wouldn’t be a bad idea were Zanu PF not notorious for rigging and other politricks to entrench Mugabe’s hegemony.

All right-thinking Zimbabweans want Mugabe gone yesterday. We can’t afford another minute of his headship. Of course the old man behaves as if Zimbabwe is a village of which he is a sabhuku (headman).

Mugabe believes Zimbabwe will never be a colony again, but I’m afraid the country is now a colony of poverty. Poverty has laid eggs in all corners of the country, and most of the eggs have already hatched.

We won’t say much, for it might be just another waste of time talking to a heartless leader. For now, suffice to say we are “very, very sad”!

Hokoyo Nenhamo,


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