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Let’s press for polls in Harare

THE Commission running the City of Harare is using blatanly extortionate tactics to fund its excesses, a bahaviour which portrays its lack of respect for the citizens of the city.

I am a part-time caretaker of a residence whose o

wner is away.

Prior to her departure in April she paid $10 million at the local offices which ensured some credit.

A month later she received a bill for more than $6,5 million (ie two months rates and water consumption). On contacting Rowan Martin offices to enquire about the payment she had made, she was told that communication between local offices and theirs was “slow”.

The following month the bill had reached $13,5 million with still no credit for the amount paid.

The owner, whose departure was now imminent, became so terrified of the water being cut off that she wrote out a cheque for this amount to the vampirish City of Harare treasury department taking her total payment to $23 million.

A few days later while I was at work council workmen gained access to the property and disconnected our water supplies.

I would like to inform the City of Harare that I became the proud caretaker of a big bobbejaan spanner which I used to regain our rightful access to water. It could also prove useful in future at the gate to defend the rights of the owner!

Who can fail to be offended by the opportunistic scavenging that we face from the unelected officials at Town House — those who we pay to provide services for our social well-being?

We who pay our bills timeously are instead punished and portrayed as bad debtors through the incompetence of the treasurer’s department. Let us lobby for democratic elections and get rid of these incompetent men and women.

R Gunner,

Mount Pleasant, Harare.

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