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Go, we’ll forgive you

AFTER listening to a story from home about how they are starving, I decided to reply publicly and in writing.

My shortest reply is that we are also starving. The

only stuff we have in abundance are threats from ministers when they come here to the University of Fort Hare in South Africa coupled with slogans against whites.

I am personally disappointed with what is happening in Zimbabwe. I have decided to write an open letter to President Robert Mugabe. VaMugabe, I am one person who strongly believed in you but at this point in time, I can safely announce that you are a big disappointment.

The purpose of my letter is to request you to step down with honesty – just for the sake of Zimbabweans who have been reduced to destitutes because of you. I agree with most of the people that you have brought more suffering to Zimbabwe.

VaMugabe, I beg you, resign. We appreciate what you have done, including sending us to Fort Hare for degrees but the degrees can not work in Zimbabwe as long as you are the president.

Ndapota mwana wevhu (I plead with you son of the soil), resign. I think God will forgive you and all your sins will be forgotten if you resign for the sake of Zimbabwe.

VaMugabe, you have done your part, serving Zimbabweans from 1980 – in fact, even before Independence. As of now, please resign.

You go on to say Zimbabweans are very, very happy. VaMugabe, where has all the sympathy in you gone? People in the country are sleeping without food and you call that happiness. People in your country are walking to work, schoolchildren walking to school and that is how you define happiness.

VaMugabe, please resign.

The ministers that you have are bogus. They should also resign, just like you.

VaMugabe, people are suffering in Zimbabwe. We can’t be happy here in South Africa when our parents are reporting terrible sufferings everyday and the only cause being you.

VaMugabe, please resign. Zimbabweans have enough battles to fight that include poverty and HIV and Aids and you should not be on that list. VaMugabe, we will forgive you, please resign.

I am eagerly waiting for your resignation.

To all the Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe, I pray for you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


University of Fort Hare,

South Africa.

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