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Deteriorating standards

I WOULD like to raise my concern over the deterioration in reporting standards at the Zimbabwe Independent. While acknowledging that your newspaper is on occasion the source of breaking and rivet

ing reports, I cannot help but notice some compromise in generally accepted reporting standards.

Articles published in the September 9 issue of the Zimbabwe Independent bear testimony to this observation.

The story “Gono in US to plead Zimbabwe’s case” was filled with incorrect information, issues which your reporter should have verified before going to press. The article alleged that Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor Gideon Gono had travelled with a high-powered delegation that included two deputy governors, Charity Dhliwayo and Nicholas Ncube.

It turned out though, through other media reports, that Gono had only travelled with one other person, who was Dhliwayo. It was unfortunate that your reporter felt he had to massage the facts to sensationalise an otherwise factual report.

Another paragraph in the same article suggested that Munyaradzi Kereke had travelled to South Africa to negotiate a loan for the country, yet my cousin who is employed by the central bank is certain that the individual did not travel anywhere.

Similar distortions were evident in an article entitled “CZI bosses slam Reserve Bank”, which maintained that Ncube had travelled to Washington at a time when he was in Zimbabwe at a funeral.

I think that your newspaper should never assume that we are naïve and unaware of developments on the ground.

Mr Editor, do not take us for granted but instead give us some factual news. There is no excuse for such errors especially since information can always be verified.

Obert Mukuti,


* The error is regretted. -Editor.

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