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Africa’s rank hypocrisy

I FIND the recent pronouncements by the African Union (AU) that the governance crisis facing Zimbabwe today is an “internal matter” to be rank hypocrisy.

By this

definition then all crises to date in Africa would be classified as “internal matters”, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan (Darfur), apartheid South Africa, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Rwanda, Burundi and Togo.

I find such statements to be reflective of why the AU has had no achievements of consequence in dealing with issues facing contemporary Africa today. It is because of the AU’s love of “internal matters” that the continent is a huge scar on the world.

The AU only intervenes when people are dead (even then in numerous cases such as Rwanda and Burundi they stood by while genocide took place). The AU is reactive rather than proactive.

It is into crisis mitigation rather than crisis prevention and as long as this remains its modus operandi it is doomed to remain the ineffectual entity that its predecessor the OAU was. Its overriding goal should be to uphold the inalienable human rights of all Africans, not condoning the brutality of illegitimate governments and human rights abusers under the excuse of “internal matter”.

Richard Matikanya,


South Africa.

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