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Zimbabwe now a stinking corpse

I FIND it very sad and indeed very strange that the level of self-denial among our citizens, especially our number-one citizen, has reached such depths that we still refer to Zimbabwe as resilien

t, and spend hours pontificating about how it will never collapse.

I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but I feel entitled to enlighten everyone that Zimbabwe collapsed a long time ago. I say this with authority because I am a Zimbabwean based outside the country and therefore I can make objective comparisons based on what I see looking from outside.

Yes, it hurts like hell but let’s start calling a spade a spade. For those patriots who will accuse me of looking down upon my country I want you to point out any other country in the world with inflation, taxation, unemployment and even television that is as bad as ours.

The country collapsed a long time ago. We will never turn things around before we admit this ourselves as individuals.

This is no longer a very sick patient in intensive care; this is now a stinking corpse in a gleaming coffin awaiting interment. The miracle needed to resuscitate this once lovely country and its loving people to their former glory is akin to the miracle associated with extracting DNA from a corpse and cloning this to create a replacement.

Once we admit that Zimbabwe collapsed a long time ago, only then can we be in a position to individually reflect inwardly and from this position emerge again to be the baby that grew up to be the strong adult.


New Zealand.

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