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Rejoice Ngwenya a copycat

I AM disappointed with the articles you are publishing from Rejoice Ngwenya who once badmouthed Denford Magora in your paper and I now understand why.

It seems Ng

wenya was envious of Magora. He has since written articles that are trying to copy Magora’s views.

For instance, I have just seen on your website that Ngwenya wrote an article about how useless Zimbabweans are and how they are too busy with their big cars to take direct action against the regime of President Robert Mugabe. This has been Magora’s position from the word go.

Given the choice, I would choose to read Magora over Ngwenya any day. I think Magora writes without fear or favour to anyone, whereas Ngwenya seems fixated with showing just how clever he can be when insulting Mugabe and Zanu PF. Ngwenya’s articles do not make people think, like Magora’s.

I also would like to know what happened to Magora who used to write for your paper quite a lot. I have not seen any of his articles for a long time now. Are you spiking his articles or has he left the country?

Please Mr Editor, do what you can to bring back Magora’s articles. We miss his balanced views very much. If you can replace Ngwenya’s articles with Magora’s, the better. Ngwenya has no new ideas to offer us.

Mike Mtezo,


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