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Let?s all vow, never again!

I WISH to express my utter shock and disgust at Geoff Nyarota´s article “Making political capital out of a national tragedy”, (Financial Gazette, May 5), attacking Welshman Ncube and the Standard.

Such tribal sentiments as displayed by Nyarota will never take Zi

mbabwe anywhere.

It is disheartening to note that people like him are not proving to be helpful in solving the Zimbabwean crisis and the ethnic crisis, whose climax were the Matabeleland/Midlands atrocities.

I sincerely believe there was no reason for Nyarota to attack Ncube for stating clearly how Zanu PF treated his family.

I am a direct victim too, being a product of a marriage between a Ndebele woman and a Shona man.

I was born and raised in Bulawayo and my mother comes from Insuza.

I witnessed those brutal men killing my uncle, decapitating him like a goat.

My uncle, together with all those who were brutally murdered, did not deserve to die, and I have since made a vow that, never again will such a thing happen.

But with characters like Nyarota claiming to be all-knowing from the Shona section and dramatising loss of life, Zimbabwe will not get anywhere.

I propose that we all embrace the conviction: “never again!”

Whether people like it or not, the Gukurahundi issue is a black spot in the history of Zimbabwe. It should be accorded enough time to be seriously addressed.

Unfortunately, it is these old men and women — the likes of Nyarota — who committed the atrocities and still want to influence our world view. Never again!


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