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How we Chinese do it

I AM Chinese. You know how I make money?

I bring in Chinese goods and sell here in Zimbabwe. Chinese goods are so cheep – even the United States, France, Germany

and South Africa are complaining about the distortions our goods have made to their markets.

Heard of the popular “shoe demonstration” in Europe where these shoe manufacturing companies are trying to lobby for a ban on shoe imports from China?

Here is how I make money: I buy a pair of shoes for US$1, but being Chinese I can even negotiate with my kinsmen and they may sell the pair for US$0,75. I bring the shoes to Harare and sell them for US$5. The cost of bringing in the shoes, because I use Air Zimbabwe, is really negligible in US dollar terms.

I make my profit and take it back to China. Oh you think I cannot repatriate it? Well I can. With that kind of profit I can buy US dollars on the black market and take it to China, or keep it at my Greendale house.

I know His Excellency President Robert Mugabe has no problem with it but one Didy Mutasa’s words are a bit frightening. I have been doing this for years, so please do not take my source of livelihood now.

Zim Yuan,


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