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Disturbed by leaders’ disrespect of Ndebeles

I AM disturbed by the disrespect shown by three of our political leaders towards the Ndebeles and their language.

The offending leaders are President Robert Mugab

e, his vice Joice Mujuru and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

As if to perpetuate the “1979 Grand Plan”, they travel all over Matabeleland campaigning in Shona without even caring whether or not their audiences understand Shona!

I should of course apportion blame to organisers of their rallies who seem to always fail to get interpreters. I urge these leaders to learn to respect all their subjects and culture.

No wonder Zanu PF always loses in Matabeleland while Tsvangirai’s faction has failed to garner our support.

Those who support or saw no evil in Gukurahundi might label me a tribalist but the victims and their sympathisers will agree that the three lack respect and qualities of a national leader like the late Joshua Nkomo and former South African president Nelson Mandela.

The Gukurahundi forces went all over Matabeleland and the Midlands on their killing spree, barking orders in Shona, even to a day-old baby! So in these three Shona leaders we see an undying Gukurahundi spirit which is in line with the 1979 Grand Plan of “Shonalising” the whole of Zimbabwe. I urge them to show respect to various communities by getting interpreters if they cannot speak local languages.

A humble and desirable gesture is to always apologise and find out first if the audience understands and is comfortable with their language before they descend on them, Gukurahundi style!

D Ncube,


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