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Could the ZRU please explain?

I WENT to see my son who was supposed to play for Masvingo province at the Rugby Under 19 national trials on June 3 and left a disappointed man.

It would seem the selectors were, and are biased.

The previous day I did not go to watch the trials but was made to unde

rstand the selectors did not even watch the game when Masvingo played. The next day the selectors only watched part of the first half and left, I suppose to go make their final selection.

The very small crowd of black parents who had come to watch their sons from all provinces from Friday agreed that the Masvingo vs Midlands game was the best and most progressive game.

Come final selection, not one player was picked from the two provinces though two players were very outstanding. It was said selection had already been done on Friday. It was also said selectors only looked at Harare and Bulawayo provinces. This seems true as  these two provinces had 99% of the selected players. The majority of those selected were white even for the Under 14s. Definitely there were no equal opportunities. 

There definitely seemed to be something wrong with the ZRU or the selectors on that particular day. Could the ZRU please shed some light on this incident?

Disappointed Parent,

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