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Could Gata get this right?

MY latest electricity invoice, for consumption for the month to April 6, was billed on April 6 but delivered by Zimpost on May 2.

Due date? April 24!

I have no comment I can put in print.

And interest will be charged on overdue accounts at 41,67% per month, not per annum.
I suppose this is Zesa’s latest scheme for increasing revenue quickly. I await their next invoice with trepidation, if it ever reaches me.

But what else, I suppose, can one expect from the disorganised rabble that has resulted from their “unbundling” scheme? Unbundling? — rather, snarling up.

The rubbish stops at the top? Or starts at the top? Whichever, it doesn’t say much for Zesa’s top administration.

Could executive chairman, Dr Sidney Gata, please try to get at least this one thing right in his cockamamie organisation.

PNR Silversides,

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