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Chi-Town, Harare 2 sides of same coin

BOTH the Harare municipality and capital city are on the edge of the precipice.

I must say I fully support the call for Chitungwiza (Chi-Town) council officials t

o be fired. But since Chitungwiza is a dormitory town of Harare, it is equally well-meaning to also fire the recalcitrant Harare municipality executive – the town clerk, acting city treasurer and their immediate subordinates.

We do not need reminding that Harare and Chitungwiza are two sides of one coin, regardless of political inclinations. You thus cannot throw away the king-side of the coin and retain the tail-side.

A drive in and around the city will bring to the fore the dirt that has become the order of the day. Since these top men took office, it seems they embarked on a mission to ensure that Harare as a city ground to a halt. Here are a few reasons why:

* Potholes gape at you wherever you drive like never before. A good example can be found at the corner of Harare Street and Samora Machel Avenue, along Speke Avenue between Copacabana and Zupco bus terminus, along Cameron Street near Zimbank Westend branch, at the corner of Robert Mugabe and Enterprise road, and at the roundabout along Charter road and Luck Street;

* Sewage effluent is evident in most of our high density areas such as Glen View, Budiriro, Highfield, Mbare and Dzivaresekwa among others. No wonder dysentry broke out recently in Harare;

* There is no adequate street lighting, hence people are relieving themselves in the streets at night. Our trees have been turned into toilets.

There is no sense whatsoever in decorating First Street with Christmas lights when half the city roads is without proper street lights;

* Uncollected bins and rubbish in our environs is the order of the day; and

* Garbage is accumulating in backyard streets within the CBD, a glaring example being Albion Street behind OK Express and TM Hyper. Some termini like the one along Albion Street behind OK and east of Rezende Street have no toilets, effectively meaning commuter omnibus crews are left to relieve themselves in the street.

The sky-walk bridge is again piling-up with human waste. To top it all, unhygienic practices go unchecked in our supermarket butcheries as no proper health inspections are carried out as in the past.

Now to the turnaround strategy. It is nauseating that the turnaround is being stalled while the two men seem to be quick to sign cheques for a trip to Moscow. And the coup de grace of all time is that ratepayers are being asked to pay more rates while council workers are denied their cost of living adjustments.

What a very raw deal!

City Worker,


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