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Trevor’s moment of madness

I WON’T dwell much on what has been said already. I just want to voice my disappointment with the article Zimbabwe Independent publisher Trevor Ncube wrote on March 18.

sans-serif”>Where has he been for the last 25 years when President Mugabe was busy ruining everything we once had, for him to just come at a time like this, telling us that we need Mugabe more than ever? I think that is hypocrisy from a greedy and selfish Trevor Ncube.

I listened to his interview with SW Radio. The guy just sounded like Zanu PF functionary Joseph Chinotimba.

The good thing about Chinotimba is that he is not educated, hence the ignorance for which we can forgive him.

I don’t know what Ncube’s intention was and I don’t care. If that was to try and test the Zimbabwean people before forming his so-called Third Party, he has failed dismally.

Nobody in his/her senses can listen to a man who like former Information minister Jonathan Moyo, just changes their mind whenever they feel like doing so without considering whom they are hurting.

For a man whom I think is very intelligent, that was a moment of madness.

He embarrassed himself and I advise him to stick to publishing which he is doing so well.

He should let gentlemen like Welshman Ncube, John Makumbe and others analyse politics.

If he dared listen to Makumbe after his interview he would have noticed the difference.

I hope for his sake and those who think like him, he didn’t mean what he said and urge him to apologise to the people who read his papers.

He should stop attacking the MDC because they have done nothing wrong.

They do not rule the country. Even when they tried to run the city of Harare, Zanu PF threw spanners into their works.

Ncube should not blame the opposition just for the sake of it. I challenge him to form his own Third Force party and see what he can do.


South Africa.

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