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Spare us this confusion, Priscilla!

I WONDER how MDC MP Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga recently managed to hire three buses to lead parishioners of St Francis Anglican Church in Glen Norah to go and disrupt a church service in town whilst residents were left stranded with

no transport.

We cannot get to work early due to transport blues but Misihairabwi-Mushonga has the cheek to commandeer buses to go and challenge the Cathedral. That was shameful.

Police at parliament should have honoured such hooliganism with button sticks and sprays. Those who jumped onto the buses were ordinary residents — not Anglicans.

On the day in question, Anglicans were in church while MDC youths were in a makeshift block at the church scared of entering the church.

If the people who went there were Anglicans, I wonder how they got manipulated by the MP — just for the love of $1 500 000.

Tony Blair is serious. He makes people crazy to the extent of destroying their own church and bishop. Remember your person is the church — not the building. Stop abusing our bishop.

If Misihairabwi-Mushonga is serious in taking the bishop to Canterbury as prescribed, probably by Reverend Paul Gwese, then fair enough, Zimbabwe and Africa now know who they are dealing with. The paymaster needs his return.

Let me remind both Misihairabwi-Mushonga, Gwese and the misled parishioners that Zimbabwe and the church will not recognise Canterbury in Africa.

Our MDC legislator has failed to bring people to her side hence her intention to force British Canterbury to intervene. Shame!

Being born again is very intricate Priscilla. If you understand your Bible well, Nicodemus humbled himself when he came to Christ to discuss how one could be born again. It is through deeds that God approves one’s candidature of a new birth.

Not until you understand how much we want our land from the British can you qualify for this Nicodemus demand from Christ.

Never intimidate people into thinking you are communicating with Britain.

All MDC is in shambles because of big-mouthed people like you Priscilla. Don’t confuse the electorate. Leave out Bishop Kunonga and his senior clergymen alone.

Concerned Parishioner,


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