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People power reigns

ZIMBABWE has come a long way and will be a force for good despite the problems bedevilling the country.

The problems have been further complicated by the current

leadership’s grip on power which has had devastating effects manifested in political, social and economic decline. Politicians never accept they have failed the people till they are ousted.

Events in Georgia, Ukraine and now in Kyrgyzstan bear testimony to the fact that people power is a force for good and can have devastating consequences for parties and leaders who overstay their welcome.

The Zimbabwe government appears to have overstayed its welcome considering the way it has run down the country’s fabric of life.

Imagine what could happen should Zimbabweans decide to say “enough is enough, we can no longer be cowed into submission by an insensitive government”.

The results will be devastating not only for the current leaders but also for those who wine and dine with them.

People who suppress the will of the majority need to be reminded that when the external environment changes, they will be held accountable for their actions.

In a democracy, it is the people who hold the power and organisations that cannot live up to the expectations of the consumers will be forced out.

Organisations that suppress the will of the majority benefit in the short-term but in the long-run will be forced out.

Only organisations that believe that customers are kings will survive.

In the same line, Zanu PF must carry out a self-appraisal and establish where it stands, whether it serves the interests of the majority or that of the minority.

In cases where it serves the minority it should be reminded in the long-run that the majority will prevail just like their predecessors realised no matter how tight their grip on power might be.

This piece of advice applies to all parties and organisations with ambitions to serve the interests of the general population.



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