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Nauseating statements

THE statements attributed to chairperson of the Harare Commision Sekesai Makwavarara in the Herald of March 14 are very nauseating to say the least.

The forum for

such statements was inappropriate and one wonders how we “celebrate” an occasion by going completely out of topic and talking ill about some defenceless victims. That was tantamount to insulting the electorate’s intelligence.

What had the elected former mayor of Harare had to do with celebrations marking the elevation of Joyce Mujuru to the vice-presidency?

By bringing up this topic, acting mayor Makwavarara must obviously have compared and contrasted her meteoric rise to power to that of Mai Mujuru.

Some women rise through merit and others through back-biting or some other sinister means.

Very few have risen through merit, probably due to skewed historical or political considerations.

Makwavarara went on to criticise Engineer Elias Mudzuri for alleged extravagance at council meetings. If she thought that was being wasteful, why did she “consume” with them?

As she was part of the Mudzuri-led council an attempt to absolve herself of blame exposes her even more.

It is again baffling that she has just awakened to find that the water problem in Harare is worsening just because “where I stay there has not been any water since Saturday”.

What a blind commissioner and political prostitute! We have had no water for quite some time since the ouster of the former mayor.

We had elected him on the understanding that he was better qualified to understand such problems but Makwavarara had other ideas — to throw spanners into Mudzuri’s works on her way to the top.

She even said the electorate must elect wealthy councillors to avoid abuse of council funds. Of course if one blind man leads another, then disaster is inevitable — typical of her situation.

The electorate are not that stupid to put blind people in leadership posts where logic demands use of sight as an important attribute.

The ratepayers’ money is under Makwavarara’s sole control but already we are suffering miserably.

Nauseated Ratepayer,


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