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Watch the flames closely

YOUR editor’s memo of September 9 refers. Although you mention that Venezuela was one of the countries that offered help to the United States, you fail to mention the fact that the United States turned down help from Chavez and Venezuela.

I thought it a particularly mean-spirited move to refuse the aid.

I do, however, understand that the United States is a proud nation and they did not want to be seen to be getting help from someone who routinely shouts abuse at them and calls them all sorts of unpleasant names.

You also seem unconvinced by the accusation from “black activists” that the shoddy handling of this affair by the Bush administration had a racist tinge to it, since most of the victims were black. I think it should be pointed out, though, that President George Bush’s mother provided the evidence that this is true.

She had to apologise after making the following comments in a radio interview from one of the stinking holding centres for the Americans who have been displaced: “Most of these people were underprivileged anyway.”

She said that this means the people who are living like dogs now are actually quite comfortable and grateful for the little help they now receive from the Bush government because they were poor people who were used to suffering and not having enough to eat anyway. Even she acknowledged that these comments were racist and insensitive, hence the apology.

It all gives weight to the accusations of racism. I certainly think you should take our government to task every time it puts its foot in it, but this does not mean that you should then also always side with racist policies and actions bordering on the genocidal just so you can sock it to President Robert Mugabe.

As always, I say keep the fire burning, but watch the flames closely, we live in interesting times, after all, as the Chinese curse says.

Denford Magora,


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