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Third Way not about Moyo, but the way forward

I WAS interested to read in full the article by Jonathan Moyo on the so-called Third Way. What I found most surprising was that most of the ideas that have been peddled by those who “seem to know better” have nothing to do with the idea t

hat Moyo is proposing.

Even I who have supported the Third Way was surprised to learn a few important things about it from is chief proponent, Moyo:

* Moyo says he is not the personal driver of the Third Way. He is proposing it to the nation as a commentator;

* He does accept responsibility for his actions. However, he has not apologised. It would be good if he did, but come on – this is politics; and

* that we are missing the point about the Third Way because we are focusing on Moyo and not on the merits and demerits of the idea.

It has become clear that neither the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) nor Zanu PF will deliver solutions for our country.

Zanu PF is in a time freeze, where all it talks about is that it gave us Independence. Imagine a mother who gave birth in 1980 still telling people that she has just given birth 25 years down the line. It clearly shows that nothing significant has happened in the ensuing 25 years – the child has not walked, gone to school, university or gotten a job – yet the mother still brags about giving birth.

On the other hand, the MDC is an opposition movement, not a government-in-waiting. It is difficult to understand how it formulates its decisions or who is in charge of policy implementation.

Does anyone remember the party saying it would not participate in the March parliamentary election, but it did? Now it’s about the senate!

There really is no relevance to the two parties anymore. Zimbabwe must move on.

Many forget that if Morgan Tsvangirai loses again in 2008 he must step down. But already there is talk that he will never step down until he becomes president of Zimbabwe – anyone thinking of unlimited terms?

It appears Tsvangirai will only step down when the people choose a different leader. Sounds familiar? And the people are obviously the politburo, I mean the national council.

The MDC refuses to recognise that the party is not someone’s personal fiefdom. It is supported by close to half the population. The people do not support Tsvangirai but the MDC.

Zanu PF also makes the same mistake. It is not Robert Mugabe who is supported because the party existed way before he was on the scene. If it was Mugabe who was supported it means the party should be disbanded upon his death, but it won’t – because he is not the party.

Personally I do not advocate the Third Way as the final solution but as a way towards political plurality. There are no final solutions in politics, politics is above progressive movement.

If there was a final solution, then many of the “leading democracies” would have done away with politics. Even famous politicians like Winston Churchill changed political parties in order to serve their nations.

Many within the MDC who are saying that the Third Way does not work because the MDC is the only solution . . . sounds like Zanu PF to me.

It’s funny that when Zanu PF says it is the only answer to our country’s woes the MDC cries foul, but when the opposition says it it’s justified.

I would rather have 100 political parties working for the development of my country than two that are working against each other.

David King,


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