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Bravo Khan!

I TAKE my hat off to Zimbabwe Football Association chairman Rafik Khan for standing his ground and refusing to succumb to mob rule.

It really was in bad taste for

some sections of the media to stoop so low as to canvas for public condemnation of the sacking of Warriors assistant coach Moses Chunga. More so, that a member of parliament would see it fit to waste valuable time to raise such a trivial issue in parliament when much more important issues are at stake defies logic.

It must be noted that no matter how brilliant a person may be, as long as that person shows contempt for authority and chooses to operate outside of the set parameters, then in that establishment there is no room for that person.

Needless to say, some sections of the media are purely to blame for their recklessness by asking for comments from Chunga when he is neither the spokesperson nor the head trainer of the national squad. In fact, they have contributed to the demise of an otherwise talented young man.

Lathi Sibanda,


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