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A knock at gender imbalance

ORGANISATIONS concerned with gender should commit part of their funds to campaigns aimed at addressing this contentious issue at grassroots level.

The starting point should be infancy because that is where the concept of girls be

ing different from boys originates.

When we were still young, our parents would say: “Boys don’t do this” and “Girls don’t do that” while at primary school our teachers assigned girls to mould clay pots and boys to mould cows.

At Ordinary Level, I failed to study food and nutrition as it was regarded as a “subject for girls”.

There would be a difference if parents and teachers were conscientised to teach their children to do away with stereotypes based on gender differences by assigning the same chores regardless of gender as both boys and girls would grow to perceive the two sexes as equal.

It is this consciousness of the
biological difference which makes men treat women as inferior species.

It is noble to impress upon the youth the equality of gender and discard the notion that women are inferior to men as it is said: “You cannot teach an old dog new tricks.”

Zivira Tapiwa,


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