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Zimra needs a thorough probe

I AM writing in response to a letter “Corruption rife at Zimra”, (Zimbabwe Independent, January 21) on alleged misuse of privileges by Zimra management.

f”>At a time when central bank governor Gideon Gono is trying to restore sanity in our society, allegations of abuse of office must be thoroughly investigated.

If this is left to pass then our war against corruption will be lost.

Zimra is in charge of government revenue, then if their management is corrupt as was highlighted in the letter, the fiscus is at risk. What can stop them from doing damage to the revenue?

This brings me to another issue that has always baffled me. Zimra management made a decision to merge former taxes and customs officials, at their inception.

There are ex-taxes staffers heading customs sections/departments and those formerly from the customs heading taxes departments. Is this not tantamount to creating loopholes in the fiscus? What does an ex-taxes person know about customs and vice-versa? This should be looked into as I have heard a lot of people saying they are making money because Zimra’s systems and procedures are being run by ignorant personnel.

Let’s all stand up for Dr Gono’s efforts to bring back our economy to its golden days where Zimra was seen as a parastatal that upholds the highest standards of professionalism.

Ellis Irving,


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