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Percy Makombe’s article flawed

Dear Editor,

THERE were some serious flaws in the facts presented by your correspondent Percy Makombe, “Nyarota attempts to spin his mistakes”, (Zimbabwe Independent,  March 31), regarding Geoff Nyarota and the dissidents issue.

Security forces operatio

ns — police and army — against dissidents in Matabeleland started well before Nyarota became editor of the Chronicle, a post he only assumed in 1983.

Contrary to Makombe’s views, the dissidents issue was well covered in both the Chronicle and the then ZBC news throughout.

The other serious flaw is the claim that Davison Maruziva worked at the Chronicle when in fact he never did at any time in the 1980s.

CM Muzavazi,


Maruziva was Senior Assistant Editor at the Chronicle from 1988-89. Please read Makombe’s article again. — Editor.

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