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Let Zanu PF taste its own medicine

IN the past week or so, we have read of instances where the police have arrested a number of MDC members including at least two members of parliament.

, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>The charges of course are under that infamous piece of legislation — the Public Order and Security Act (Posa). At least one MP and her supporters were arrested for organising a public gathering without notifying the police or getting their clearance.

These arrests, coming as they do, hot on the heels of the infamous Tsholotsho meeting, demonstrate beyond doubt that the police are partisan and selectively apply the law.

It is a matter of public knowledge that, given the number of people who attended, there can be no question that it was a public gathering.

I have been waiting with baited breath for the arrest of the people who attended the illegal meeting for breaching Posa.

Surely, Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa had such gatherings in mind when he pushed this legislation through parliament?

From the press reports, there can be no question that this gathering was intent on subverting and destabilising the peace and security of this country.

This is also an activity that Chinamasa criminalised under Posa and if we are to enjoy any peace and security, those who sought to disturb this must surely be removed from our midst until after the elections so that they do not disrupt the “free and fair” elections that would surely result if they are put behind bars.

If those who have abused the public media before are placed behind bars ahead of the elections, the public media might of course stop the hate campaign it has orchestrated in the past four years.

There is also the interesting question of whether or not the Tsholotsho events have resulted in some breaches of provisions of that other piece of legislation meant to regulate information in our media — the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Aippa).

I think sections of the public media used the occasion to peddle falsehoods which they have failed to correct when required to do so.

I am sure that our esteemed Professor Jonathan Moyo will agree that this is a serious infraction of Aippa and Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri should quickly dispatch officers to arrest those responsible.

As some of these articles have been prejudicial to the state, in that they were meant to incite or promote ill-feelings towards our dear leaders, I have no doubt that these publications can be found guilty on the spot under both Posa and Aippa.

Some of the adjectives used to describe Vice-President Joseph Msika were also clearly insulting and meant to undermine his authority. That our VP has since stated that some of these statements are false makes these publications prime candidates for prosecution and prompt conviction under both Posa and Aippa.

Where are the law enforcers when the top men in our land need them? Why bother with arrests of MPs Thokozani Khupe and Nelson Chamisa who have not interfered with our beloved vice-president’s dignity leaving these imperialist Tony Blair-sponsored journalists who want to engender feelings of hostility, hatred and contempt for our leadership. And is this not abuse of journalistic privilege by the editors?

Surely, calling a vice-president and a well-respected Minister of Lands liars in the public media must be the worst form of abuse of journalistic privilege.

I, and I am sure many other Zimbabweans, are looking to Chihuri to ensure that his squad from the law and order section, are dispatched with speed to arrest these law breakers who are intent on destabilising our peaceful and prosperous nation ahead of the elections.

It is these malcontents who will create a climate of negativity ahead of the intended Sadc and Cosatu visits. If these malcontents are not immediately arrested, they will feed false and erroneous information to Sadc meant to tarnish the image of the country.

If Chihuri does not move with speed in effecting these arrests, could our new attorney-general immediately direct him to investigate as a failure to deal with such a grave matter swiftly will bring the administration of justice into disrepute.

Should these top law enforcers fail to contain these potential treasonous actions, I suggest that a fund be started to mount a private prosecution as both Chinamasa and Moyo will be disappointed if the provisions of Posa and Aippa are allowed to go to waste.

Viva Posa! Viva Aippa!

Equal Justice,


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