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Duiker killing could have been a hoax

ON March 11 this year a letter sent under a nom-de-plume reported the kicking to death of a duiker by a member of the Zimbabwe cricket team.

I responded to the le

tter by stating that I would find out who the offending cricketer was and if the story, as reported in the letter was true, I would “name and shame” him.

I have done some very intensive investigations and to-date cannot find any “real proof” that this incident actually happened as reported by the person signing him/herself as “Requiem for a Duiker”.

No one present at the party where the incident was supposed to have taken place would come forward, the owner of the duiker did nothing about reporting this incident to any of the authorities — so one must assume that, while an element of cruelty may have been carried out on this animal, it does not appear that it was actually kicked to death at this party.

I would ask that the people who were quick to report this matter to me, either stand up and give me their names and proof that they actually saw this incident take place or that the owner confirms or denies this, failing which this whole matter will have to be put to rest.

I would point out that had the public relations officer of Zimbabwe Cricket had the courtesy to contact me when I asked him to, this whole matter could possibly have been sorted out long before we had to do so through the press!

I would still like to confirm that I do not accept any act of cruelty against any animal and if cases are genuine and proof of these acts can be provided, then report them to the relevant authorities at the time of the incident with all the proof needed to charge those guilty.

I speak for all the animals that cannot speak for themselves.

Heather Israel,


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