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Bible used to hoodwink the gullible

WHENEVER economic hardships increase the one thing we can be assured of is a glut of letters and opinions from those self-righteous “evangelical” Christians.

-serif”>It’s time someone put the (Tom) Deuschles and their ilk in their rightful place.

Firstly, all those Americanisms they use — “personal saviour”, “spiritual empowerment”, “prayer partner”, etc — are all recent contraptions designed for the credulous, and to be found anywhere in the Bible.

What you will find in the Bible are many instances of Jesus railing at rich hypocrites and telling us to throw away our possessions. Indeed, Jesus and his disciples owned nothing, and the Book of Acts describes the first Christian groups as communes pooling all their resources with no individual wealth at all.

Who more closely resembles Jesus and his disciples — a group of poor Vapostori with their flowing garbs and sandals, or the fat boss-suited and cake-faced evangelicals with their Pajeros parked outside Celebration Centre?

The age-old scam is for the pastors to pick bits and pieces from the Bible to support almost any position, knowing full well that their dim-witted congregation don’t understand the context and haven’t read the book all the way through, or they would discover Jesus’ unequivocal position on wealth.

After reading whole chapters in Luke (6,12, 14,16, 18) in Mark (10), in Matthew (6 and 19), in Acts (2 and 4), you can understand why the pastors diligently leave them out of their sermons.

Should we feel sorry that these latter-day snake-oil salesmen are fleecing their gullible flock for billions in the name of that poor Jewish rabbi, whose message is buried under their obscene wealth?

Hell no! Let the “born-again” losers keep paying their tithes to those impostors who never pay a cent of tax — there’s plenty of us who will continue paying our hard-earned taxes so they can continue their happy-clapping! “Born-again”? No thanks, I was born just right the first time!

Woe To You Hypocrites,


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