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Who is the real ‘disaster’ in government?

ON Monday night I watched Movement for Democratic Change secretary-general Welshman Ncube being “interviewed” on television by Supa Mandiwanzira and Happison Muchechetere — two of the usual trio of Zanu PF lackeys who pu

rport to conduct ZTV’s “impartial” political interviews.

Ibbo Mandaza was missing. Perhaps he had the good sense to realise that he would be hopelessly outclassed by the intelligent, articulate Ncube.

These lackeys of the ruling regime were made to look foolish by Ncube. The manner in which they conduct themselves, especially the hapless and hopeless Muchechetere, guarantees votes for the MDC. Long may their incompetence be used by ZTV in its vain and futile attempt to portray the MDC as a “puppet of Western imperialists”.

These Zanu PF apologists attempt to castigate the MDC by claiming that the opposition wants to effect regime change. Of course that is what the MDC wants to do! Have they no idea what democracy is all about?

Only Zanu PF believes that it is democratic for one party to rule forever and that elections have nothing to do with regime change, and that if by some chance the opposition does win then the military will ensure that democracy Zanu PF-style prevails by refusing to serve under anyone of whom they do not approve.

These same apologists irritatingly and constantly attempt to put words into the mouths of those they are “interviewing”. Fortunately the likes of Tendai Biti, Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga and Ncube are more than a match for these sycophants who are unused to dealing with a combination of integrity and intelligence.

On a previous programme Mandaza, when “interviewing” Biti, attempted to attack the calibre of the MDC’s candidates. What brazen hypocrisy! Has he not considered for one moment the calibre of his own colleagues in Zanu PF? Many of them may have a multitude of degrees, the likes of Joseph Chinotimba notwithstanding, but of what worth are they without integrity?

Mandaza talks of the need for experience. Experience of what? Of corruption, of destruction, of failure?

On Monday night Supa Mandiwanzira attempted foolishly to castigate the MDC for it having been a disaster “in government” at the local level and for having failed to keep its promises. Is he so blind that he cannot see the irony in attempting such attacks on the MDC? Has he ever interviewed Zimbabwe’s president or any of his ministers and asked such questions?

Has he ever considered that an opposition can only be held to account for its electoral promises if it comes into power?

A word of advice to this trio of functionaries of the ruling party: don’t risk asking the MDC about the calibre of its candidates, or about its “broken promises”, or about it being a “disaster” in government, or about the “regime change” that is the fundamental purpose of any opposition in a democracy. When you raise such matters you merely draw attention to the calibre of Zanu PF’s candidates, their broken promises, their disastrous record as a government and to their fundamentally undemocratic nature.

At least these well-fed functionaries of Zanu PF have had enough sense, so far, not to raise the issue of Zimbabwe’s hungry masses. Now that would be very difficult to stomach!

No wonder that Zanu PF does not want the MDC to have equal access to the media when it has spokespersons of the calibre of Ncube, Biti and Misihairabwi-Mushonga.

RES Cook,


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