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We’ll name and shame him

IT was with total disgust and disbelief that I read about the fate of a pet duiker being kicked to death by one of our national cricket team players.

The young ma

n has an opportunity to represent his country and the respect of all cricket supporters. Yet he can behave like a total savage and kick an innocent animal to death for no apparent reason.

I know who he is and by the time this letter is printed in your newspaper, the SPCA and ZRP will also have known who he is. We have made an official report about this incident to the various authorities under the Cruelty to Animals Act and both the cricketer and the owner of the pet duiker will be investigated.

Once charges have been laid against these people, we will name and shame them and also ensure that sponsors and the public do not show support for this cricketer, and animal welfare organisations in all countries the cricketter visits will show their disgust for him too.

This is not a threat but a promise and a very small gesture on behalf of a small innocent animal which died an unimaginably painful death!

Heather Israel,

Past chairman and life member of SPCA, founder and past chairman of the Zimbabwe Animal Welfare Trust, Harare.

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