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Stop these demolitions now!

ON behalf of the citizens of Munich, twin city of Harare, I wish to express our deep concern for the people of Harare at this moment.

I have heard that police and

army units have been engaged in demolishing not only the stalls of street traders, licensed as well as unlicensed, but also legally as well as illegally built homes in several districts of Harare.

According to my information, thousands of people have been made homeless and many more have lost their means of supporting themselves and their families.

I wish to protest most strongly against these measures in the interest of the citizens of our twin city who had already enough to put up with because of the economic situation.

As a long-serving mayor of a state capital with a population of over one million people, I am fully aware that the maintenance of security and order as well as the compliance with legal regulations are of importance to the administration of a big city.

However, my experience has also shown me that a municipality can only be successful in the long-run if the measures taken by the administration are always preceded by a careful weighing up of the interests and well-being of all citizens.

I am sure that you take the responsibility assigned to you on behalf of the citizens of Harare just as seriously as I do.

I would therefore ask you in the interest of Munich’s twin city to do your utmost to prevent further demolition measures as long as the people concerned are not offered alternative accommodation, to provide food and shelter for those who have already been made homeless and as soon as possible to designate places where traders can pursue their efforts to provide for themselves and their families.

Hep Monatzeder,

Mayor of the city of Munich,


*This letter was addressed to Harare Metropolitan Governor and Resident Minister David Karimanzira.

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