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Ncube sounded like Moyo

I have always had the utmost respect for you but your article in the Independent’s March 18 issue sounds like a “Jonathan Moyo”.

How could anyone need Mugabe and Zanu PF? There is so much in a name and

this one in particular is associated with many, many terrible things.

If that much change is needed in a party, why not a new one. Let’s take a chance — it can’t be worse. Zanu PF had no experience. Do we have to help the “liberators” because Zambia and Malawi are failing. Who did the damage in the first place?

Twenty five years of the “fist” with its bashing and threats is not going to give our nation peace and prosperity. It’s a mindset.

I cry for my country and Africa. Having said that, I still believe we could be the state of renaissance in Africa. Let’s hope so.

G J Smithwick,


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