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How we can tackle corruption

I ADDRESS this letter and appeal to you (the editor) in as much as I do to every Zimbabwean across all political, social or religious divides, to look critically at corruption in this country in the same way the world should have looked a

t the Tsunami effects had we been forewarned of its coming.

* It’s not Zimbabwean by origin as Zimbabweans have naturally and culturally been a very honest people. It’s foreign culture and let’s know who is bringing it to fight it. Some of those we call friends may not be true friends, but the worms;

* It has killed all our societal values from the core;

* It has pervaded deeply all our lives economically, socially, politically and religiously and is about to explode;

* It’s no longer a cancer in government, private sector, Zanu PF/MDC, etc, but in us all;

* It’s the reason why we cannot unite as Zimbabweans as it has brought economic hardships and consequently the political divide;

* Whoever our true enemy is, is using this strategy to keep us down, out of international focus (economic development), divided and draining our resources;

* It’s the reason why our productive sectors and capacity have collapsed as everyone is discouraged from working hard where others make quick bucks without a sweat;

* It’s the reason behind inflation as our productive sector has been killed and our foreign currency drained, paying for the huge corruption commissions in forex;

* It’s the reason for service provision collapse in both government and private sectors as solutions provided under corruption are no genuine solutions but bubble-gum cover-ups;

* It’s the reason for retrenchments as orgnisations are robbed of both solutions, time, confidence and zeal on the part of the innocent workers, their hard-earned money, etc;

* Perpetrators of corrupt deals usually resign after ruining companies and leave innocent workers to face the bubble-gum solution without enough funding;

* Payments for these deals are being made into foreign currency accounts (FCAs) in the form of holidays and school fees payments abroad, vehicle purchases, etc which are generally luxuries to the beneficiary and rarely come back to build the country;

* It erodes all sense, objectivity and rationale in the way organisations are run;

* Innocent workers and the general citizenry witness corruption as it is committed but keep quiet due to fear, non-concern and ignorance of the effect on them;

* We can go on, but all we are highlighting is look out for it.

Now that everyone (the government, private sector, war veterans, who have always been against corruption from what I know of true war veterans), war collaborators, the two political parties and general public in the country are ready to fight this worm, let’s all rally together as Team Zimbabwe to fight our common enemy.

Part of our strategy can be:

* To establish an anti-corruption levy (hoping it will not be corruptly abused) in every company or organisation to reward the fighters;

* Establish a column in every publication to expose the scourge daily (please editors!);

* Reward adequately the judiciary, police (law enforcers) and everyone to minimise temptations;

* To use this as the key campaign theme for all aspiring candidates across the political divide in the coming election. This will scare away corrupt candidates from whichever party;

* Security organs to put up alert access points countrywide to receive and respond to information on corruption;

* Let’s talk about it everywhere, homes, churches, on the roads, workplaces.

Sendekera Murambatsvina,


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