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Give us facts not fibs

HISTORY has never been told correctly by Zanu PF. People are more interested in facts not fibs (or bedtime stories) that we have been told for such a long time by the party.

sans-serif”>There was never any relationship between the African National Congress (ANC) and Zanu PF during the liberation of Zimbabwe or, for that matter, even that of South Africa.

The ANC fought alongside the Zipra forces. That is a fact which should never be denied by pretenders.

Zanla forces were not as strong, organised and determined as the Zipra

forces. History will judge harshly those distorting facts to suit their whims.

They might tell it the way they want but it won’t change. The issue at hand is how Zanu PF has poorly managed the economy.

It is time the Ndebele woke up and the entire Matabeleland province stood up to be counted.

The Ndebele have been oppressed and had their resources expropriated in a typical case of winners becoming losers.

The greatest contributors to the liberation of the country we now call Zimbabwe, have not enjoyed independence which they fought so hard to bring. Today we hear that Zanu PF had close ties with the ANC. What happened to the Pan Africanist Congress which they used to back?

We cannot be fooled by childish talk of fake pretenders-turned-liberators. This country does not belong to President Mugabe and Zanu PF, it belongs to everyone, including the Ndebele people. Corrections should be made to this distorted history and credit — which is long overdue — given to the true freedom fighters — the Zipra forces.

True heroes include Chief Lithuli and the late Father Zimbabwe Joshua Nkomo who was never given power that he truly deserved because he was selfless, unlike the selfish people that are still alive today.

When we look back at history, there are things that need to be addressed before moving forward.

It’s only as late as the year 1979 when some of our current crop of leaders rose to prominence, yet they behave as if they were the brains behind the war which they claim to have single-handedly waged.

Holding on to positions does not make one the rightful owner of the country. Tell the truth for once, if you can. The Father Of lies is the Devil.

Praying Parent,


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