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Be wary of these incompetent gate installers

AS a warning to the public about unacceptable business practice by a certain “intrepid” gate installer, I relate my experience of the loss of a brand new Centurion electric gate motor the night following the day of installatio


An electric gate is a costly but necessary security measure whose installation should not be carried out by an incompetent workman lacking commitment for securing protection of customers’ property behind the gate — including the gate motor!

To complete a proper installation, it is essential that:

*The gate cannot be levered up and slid across to open above the motor gear with a metal bar by fitting simple and inexpensive anti-lift block stops;

*Simple and inexpensive fitting of lined-up eye brackets for a padlock loop should be installed so that the gate can be locked when either the motor malfunctions or after the last vehicle has come in with the motor working correctly, as a recommended added protective measure overnight when thieves are most active; and

*The electric gate motor is protected by substantial anti-theft cage/box should thieves gain access to the property other than being able to open the gate.

The intrepid installer hurriedly and negligently ignored the very important aspects I have stated resulting in the theft 12 hours after irresponsible and insecure installation. The thieves gained access by opening the gate connected to the motor supposedly securing the gate closed for the night.

Previously however, the “intrepid” installer insisted that I pay in advance and carefully and securely allowed more than sufficient time for my cheque to be cleared!

The intrepid installer has not shown any concern because my pre-payment is securely in their bank account and makes a mockery of their claim to “professionalism” and “security is our business” stated in their quotation, correspondence and press adverts.

By now some should know who the intrepid installer is! If not however, I can be contacted in Harare on 662375, 667437/8, 487480 or mobile number 091 307 383 for the “Intrepid shame name” who operates from Greendale.

JD Hawkins,


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