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Advice for Streak

WHILST I look forward to the return of Heath Streak and the other so-called rebels into the Zimbabwe Cricket fold, I would urge them to think very seriously about the timing of their comeback.

I suggest that if they do come to some form of agreement with the ZC, they only make themselves available after the Zimbabwe Cricket tour to South Africa. Should four, five or however many are chosen, play against the Proteas, they will be in a no-win situation as it is highly unlikely that any of them will shine against a strong South African side, particularly after having not played regular first-class cricket for almost a year now.

Any Zimbabwean test team, irrespective of the make-up will more likely than not, be thrashed by the South Africans. This being the case, it will give ample ammunition to Peter Chingoka, Ozias Bvute and the local media to say: “You see we should have stuck with the youngsters who at least beat Bangladesh in the One-Day Internationals and who are gaining experience game after game rather than having these rebels back who perform no better.”

Conveniently forgetting the difference in strength between Bangladesh and the Proteas, let the youngsters pit themselves against our neighbours to the south in the Tests and ODIs and only then can the cricket fraternity gauge how far they have come in terms of experience.

Trevor Blyth,


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