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Zim makes Marley turn in his grave

IN his column in the March 5 Herald, Nathaniel Manheru mentioned the song by Bob Marley called Zimbabwe. Indeed, on the night of April 17 1980, Rufaro Stadium reverberated to Zimbabwe.

Helvetica, sans-serif”>I hope this new Nathaniel Manheru was listening to the lyrics as well. I was young then but I still remember that one of the lines in the song went: “Every man (has) got a right to decide his own destiny”.

Poor Marley is probably turning in his grave as he looks at the Zimbabwe of 2005. We no longer have that right. We lost it to a bunch of guys who sat on the front seats on thathistorical night.

According to the party, only members of Zanu PF have the right to decide our destiny.The mighty party says unless one was in the liberation struggle, then one cannot lead Zimbabwe.

Even the army and the police agree on that. God help us. Where is the professionalism?

Somebody please tell the police commissioner and the army commander that the army and the police belong to the state. People should not confuse Zanu PF the party, and Zimbabwe the state.

Parties come and go but the state lives on because the state is the people. What has one’s participation in war many years ago got to do with being a good leader today?

What we need at this moment is a leader who can restore sanity in our economy, law and order. We need a leader who will not threaten us or call us mercenaries tomorrow when he is spent and we humbly ask him to make way for change. Please give us back that basic right. Is that too much to ask for?

Fanuel Jasi,


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