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Why is the world silent on this?

A TSUNAMI has hit Harare. Thousands of people have had their homes, their livelihoods and their future destroyed.

People are living on the streets with the few re

mnants of their belongings saved from the wreckage. Winter is upon us, yet what shelter is there for them?

In the south Pacific the tsunami victims were given immediate aid by their neighbouring countries and the international community, but who will help the people of Harare?

Is there one rule for act-of-God disasters and another for man-made ones? Where is it written that when a government creates a disaster on the scale of a tsunami the world should stand silently by?

Perhaps this is because “sovereignty” must be respected. If that is so, why should a government-created food shortage (Independent, May 27) receive aid while government-created homelessness is ignored?

The repercussions of the latest wanton, vindictive vandalism will be felt for years to come. Without the pitifully small incomes that vendors managed to survive on, there will be even less food for their families and starvation will prevail, to say nothing of that well-known crime of survival — prostitution.

Perhaps then the government will mount another “Operation Clean-up” against women, as they did in 1983. I can see that the camps at Mushumbi Pools may yet get another lease of life.

Peggy Watson,


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