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Victory for Zanu PF

THOSE with historical records will know that certain European and Scandinavian countries aided and abetted the killing of innocent civilians of local and European origin in Zimbabwe.

This they did by fuelling evil, murder and corruption — all ostensibly in the cause

of the eradication of emerging civilised values, alleged racism and mainly in sponsorship of the then predominant evil of communism.

Later they even sent their children to Zimbabwe to purportedly build house for the comrades.

A later time of sobriety came when a realisation fell over most parts of Europe about the realities of Africa.

Now new blood from a generation of blinkered woolly-minded do-gooders suggest that all past and current evils in Zimbabwe should be accommodated and forgiven.

Buckets of aid should be put under the snouts of the hierarchy to forage in to sustain their control and suppression of all things normal as per the norms of civilised values.

Many of those that aspire to be diplomats would know that a posting in Siberia was not a promotion while being assigned to Zimbabwe has only one better benefit — being treated to sunshine.

To some recently delegated European diplomatic deadbeats, it appears that a fundamental requisite for the assignment was to be an invigorated bootlicker towards the ongoing propagation of evil.

Walter Hurley,

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